5.11 550 Paracord Shoelaces

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Product Description

5.11 550 Paracord Shoelaces

5.11 Tactical is a leader in engineering high performance footwear for military, law enforcement and security personnel around the world.  That includes designing the 5.11 550 Paracord Shoelaces that go with the premium boots and shoes they design for tactical operators.

These Mil-Spec 500 Paracord replacement shoelaces are perfect for tucking in your duty bag so when the day comes to replace them, in the field or garrison, all you have to do is reach in and pull them out.

Benefits of 5.11 550 Paracord Shoelaces

  • Conveniently sized to be compatible with 5.11 Tactical footwear
  • Can be used as replacement boot laces or shoelaces for extra convenience and long-lasting wear
  • Clear tips make lacing that much easier
  • Engineered from Mil-spec 550 Paracord
  • Available in 63", 72", and 84" lengths

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the 5.11 550 Paracord Shoelaces:

Part of being a soldier or tactical operator is maintaining your gear in spit and polish fashion. That includes keeping a pair set of laces of hand to avoid frustrating and time-consuming searches. Order these 5.11 Tactical replacement laces today!

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