2 Monkey Trading

"Like most great ideas, it started with a beer. Our flagship product was the original Bullet Bottle Opener, crafted from the casing of a .50 caliber machine gun round. When demand for it skyrocketed, we ran with the idea, dreaming up a full line of products up-cycled from repurposed ammo and artillery shells."

We didn’t stop there. Our ideas began to grow as did our company.Your Moon Phase was created and had a very successful run in the Smithsonian. Our moon phase jewelry is the perfect gift to give to remember special moments in life.

Stuck In Glass, came soon after. It offers a unique twist on hand blown glass ware that captures a piece of everyone’s personality in every glass.

2M Monkey Trading is a family owned and operated company committed to producing high quality, hand crafted items you’ll keep for years to come. All products are skillfully crafted from 100% American-made munitions, hand blown glass and hand crafted metals.