2 Monkey .308 Cal Bullet Hat Clip


Product Description

2 Monkey .308 Cal Bullet Hat Clip

It’s not unheard of for avid fishermen to have a fish hook on the bill of their hat. With the 2 Monkey .308 Cal Bullet Hat Clip, hunters and target shooters can show off their hobbies and interests on the bill of their hats too. This high quality hat clip is made from a real bullet that has been shot and dematerialized. This means that even though it is made from a real bullet there is no danger of the bullet going off. That being said, you should not wear this anywhere that bullets are not allowed. Not only is the 2 Monkey Hat Clip made from high quality materials, but it looks good too. This clip will start a lot of conversations and catch the eye of many people.

Benefits of the 2 Monkey Bullet Hat Clip:

  • Made in the USA
  • Hand polished
  • Lacquer coating prevents tarnish
  • Made from brass

Things to Consider before Purchasing the .308 Cal Bullet Hat Clip:

Add this clip to your favorite hat in order to give it a bit of your own character. You can get one for your veteran friends or family members and any hunters that are in your life. No matter who you are getting it for, you will be happy that it is made of such high quality materials. Stop shopping around for the perfect hat clip. Buy the 2 Monkey Clip today, and start standing out in the crowd.

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