2 Monkey .308 Cal Bottle Opener Keychain


Product Description

2 Monkey .308 Cal Bottle Opener Keychain

Have you ever been tailgating, camping or grilling only to be thwarted by a bottle of beer that isn’t a twist off cap? You do not have to worry about that any longer when you get the 2 Monkey .308 Cal Bottle Opener Keychain. With this product you will have access to beer no matter the cap or the situation. The Bottle Opener Keychain is a great product for veterans, gun enthusiasts, outdoorsmen, hunters and beer lovers alike.

Benefits of the 2 Monkey Bottle Opener Keychain:

  • Made from a once fired .308 caliber bullet
  • Produced in the USA
  • Measures 3.25 inches long and has a diameter of 0.5 inches
  • Comes on a key ring for accessibility

Things to Consider before Purchasing the .308 Cal Bottle Opener Keychain:

Have you been searching the Internet for the perfect gift for someone? Did someone walk off with your bottle opener after your last party? If you need a new bottle opener or are looking for a gift, consider this .308 Cal Bottle Opener Keychain. You can start conversations and open beer or other beverages at the same time. Don’t wait. Get your awesome bottle opener today!

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