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Military Headgear 

When most people think of a service man or woman’s uniform, they forget about the military headgear, but we don’t. We have a range of military gear for everyday use. Our inventory includes government approved caps and boonie hats that can be worn in conjunction with your uniform. We also have more traditional baseball caps in a variety of prints, colors and camouflage types.

For those who have cold weather concerns, we carry ski masks and beanies that are designed to keep you warm in even the harshest conditions. If you need a more creative solution, you can try one of our wraps or neck shields instead. We also have warm weather scarfs to protect you from flying sand in windy regions.

Military hats are not always a standard with the uniform, but for some missions, they are essential. Don’t be caught off guard during a sand storm or cold front. Protect your head from the environment with various types of headgear. Most products are approved for field use and have been tested to ensure they can withstand the demands of military missions. Order your gear today to get some peace of mind and be prepared for your next important assignment.

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